dubai dolphineriumDubai Dolphinarium Located inside the Dubai Creek Park. Dubai Dolphinarium is a 5000 square meters modern marine mammal facility.  The Dolphinarium has a
large 180° Main Arena featuring 1200 cinema-quality seats including 92 VIPs equip with surround sound system and laser and spotlights to enhance
your viewing pleasures.  Food or beverages from outside Dubai Dolphinarium are not allowed.  No shows on Sundays  Shows at 11 AM & 6 PM on Monday to Saturday.  3 PM shows on Friday & Saturdays.  SHOW TIMINGS and PRICES are subject to change without prior notice. 
Duration of Show – 1 Hour.

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This is a house of thousands or dolphins they play, jump and make shows in water they come near to the human and love them. As you know that dolphins are human friendly water animal so you should enjoy them to make shows and play with them many of water games.

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