Sunset Cruise Langkawi

Enjoy great photo opportunities from beautiful sunsets to wildlife.
Flying fish, graceful eagles, palm-lined beaches and a good chance of
seeing dolphins with sunset cruise Langkawi.

Witness a spectacular sight of the tropical sun sinking into the horizon
of the Andaman Sea and if you are lucky.

Have fun and cool off in our famous salt water Jacuzzi with a cockail
in hand.
The difference between this Sunset cruise Langkawi and Sunset Dinner Cruise
is that you’ll enjoy canapes instead of the 19-course gourmet dinner.
Our canapes are a combination of the cream cheese on celery boats topped with cashew nuts, various cheeses, spicy chicken,tofu, and cheese balls with spicy sauce, various pates and dips with vegetables sticks and crackers, aspic, olives and pickles, sushi rolls, mini rice cakes, Mexican favourite, tortilla chips with guacamole dip, special Crystal Yacht Holidays pastry strips and lots more…

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